Easter Moon – Leuven

In this golden moment

The tintinnabulation of the bells of Abdij van Park

Echoes around the locked-down evening quiet

Of the shallow Dyle (Dayhla) valley and Heverlee.

A single pigeon passes purposefully overhead–

A pointed-golden-ellipse with whistling-wings–

As a solitary duck, with a drawn-out “Quaaarck!”,

Flies fast and straight toward the bells,

Hurrying to join family at the lake before nightfall,

And the birds in the garden wish each other Goedenavond

And settle in for the night.

Ahhh… the soul-filling stillness of these golden moments!

Soon these trees will morph, grow back their clothes

Cover their bare-armed deciduous branches against the heat of longer days

And block the path of this golden light behind a wall of deepening, shaded colour.

But for now, each naked branch,

Each leaf, each flower, each bud, each tree, each forming nest

Is silhouetted against the creamy blue sky,


And just before nightfall,

Just before it sinks behind the shadowed spire of Sint Lambertus

The slowly setting orange orb shines through these thickening branches like a golden spotlight,

As we wait

In this windless still point

For the rising Easter moon.

Neil Davidson

Heverlee, Leuven, Belgium

8 April 2020… Lees meer


I crouched near your sister

This morning

As she dried her wings

Translucent, iridescent

On my basil in the veggie garden.

She trusted me to come close

As I peered through a phone.

I saw you

Bright, red, fast

Patrolling the airspace

Above my pond.

I crouched

Warming my skin in the sun

And wondered…

…I focussed my phone



That you too might trust

And come close enough

For me to really feel

Your presence.

You did!

And I rejoiced

In that moment

Of connection

As your aviatrix eyes

Surveyed me

Before your next flight.

Go well

And, please

Tell our sister I said hello.

Neil Davidson (2018)… Lees meer